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Monday: 7 am - 2 pm
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Purchasing is a matter of trust

Quality is the feature that we value most highly in our butcher shop.

Metzgerei Metzgerei

When it comes to production, freshness, taste and safety, our good name stands for the highest quality.
This also applies to the breeding and feeding of animals, the tender maturing of meat and traditional craftsmanship.
We slaughter and joint our animals ourselves. Therefore, our butcher shop and slaughtering received EU certification in 2010.

Fresh fish on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Meat – as it should be

We maintain fair prices for natural and honest products. We offer an assortment of traditionally produced meats and sausages. One can also choose from a wide selection of cheeses, e.g. cheese from the Plangger organic cheese dairy. Fresh fish is offered on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

In addition, we offer a multitude of products that complement our variety of goods, from home-produced noodles, through various spices and canned goods, to an extensive selection of beverages.

“That tastes like in the old days”, is a compliment that we gladly hear, as it indicates that we have succeeded in producing especially tasty specialties.

Cheese from the Plangger organic cheese dairy in Walchsee

A sample from our collection of special delicacies:

Leberkäse (also available in cans/tins)
For devoted delicacy experts, this is a genuine Bavarian product. Prepared according to a traditional recipe, Leberkäse is pork and beef that is finely minced into a soft consistency, mildly spiced and has a characteristic flavor. And we prepare it just as it should be. Rohrdorf natives love it served either cold or warm, with a fresh pretzel or roll, together with a generous portion of sweet mustard. And one mustn’t forget the cooled beer!

Grillen 2016

Weisswuerst (Bavarian veal sausage)

This is the epitome of the Bavarian snack. Our weisswuerst is prepared with great care. Using veal and pork and a lot of fresh parsley, our traditional recipe produces a tender and soft result. An old rule concerning freshness (dating back to before refrigeration was invented) limited consumption to 12 hours following production. Of course, this rule no longer holds true, but we will gladly vacuum-pack your weisswuerst, upon request. For larger amounts, please order in advance.

We are especially proud of annually presenting our nationally-known weisswuerst and Vienna sausages (wieners) at the Cologne Exhibition Centre

Customer cards for premium customers

Are you a regular customer at our shop? If so, then be sure to request a customer card. You will receive a purchase coupon at regular intervals as a bonus, corresponding to the amount and frequency of items purchased.