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New Guesthouse "Poststadl" opened in July 2015

The groundbraking on October 9th 2014, paved the way for the new guesthouse of „Hotel zur Post“. Joining the ceremony were Christian Praxl, the major, Klaus Stöttner, member of the Bavarian parliament and spokesman for touristic issues of the CSU fraction, Karl Garaventa, site contruction supervisor, Uwe Stoeger, architect in charge and last but not least the housebuilding couple Theresa and Thomas Albrecht.
The Albrecht family thanked Mr. Praxl for supporting the approval procedure. Mr. Stöttner underlined the great importance of the project for local tourism and wished good luck to the upcoming building site. Politics can only set the framework, whereas the realization of such a project needs a lot of entrepreneurial bouldness.
Architect Uwe Stoeger and construction supervisor Karl Garaventa grant a hazzlefree execution by good preparation and sticking to plans.
The new guesthouse will dispose of more than 36 rooms exceeding the size of 30m² with a four-star-standard. It will be finished in the summer of 2015. After implementing the new guesthouse, the old one will be pulled down.

Summary for the new guesthouse Hotel zur Post in Rohrdorf by architect Uwe Stoeger

It is our goal to provide a zone of empathy in the centre of Rohrdorf, which inspires curiosity of locals as well as hotel guests, which supports growth and creates identification.

Over the past years, requirements and wishes of hotel guests have risen substantially. To meet these expectations, the new guesthouse combines traditional architecture with contemporary design.
That way, composition, materials and cubing of the structure with its plastered ground floor and its timbered upper floor combined with a classical, strictly assorted perforated facade refer to the typical Upper Bavarian architecture.
Therefore, the curtain-wall larch-batten facing serves as an instrument to combine any functions and requirements of a modern guesthouse with a contemporary facade design and an individual experience of space

In terms of energy balance and climate compliance, the guesthouse sets new standards in the district of Rosenheim.
It is our goal to maximize comfort while minimizing the input of resources.
Besides intergrating highly heat insulating building materials , connecting the existing wood chips heating and utilizing a photovoltaic plant for in-house electricity, the climate concept focuses on making use of geothermal energy for heating water and raw water as well as on recharge of a central ventilation system with heat recovery. In addition, the climate concept places emphasis on moblizing construction components of ceilings.
That means the ceilings of the single guestrooms are able to heat and also to cool. Therefore they guarantee for maximum comfort at each time of the year and of the day – for a relaxed holiday feeling and a sustainable use of energy.

Klaus Stöttner,
Christian Praxl, 
Theresa and Thomas Albrecht,
Uwe Stoeger,
Karl Garaventa